Monday, February 11, 2008

Weight 2/9, Week 2 Workouts, Group Workout 3

Weight was up 0.4 this week, I suspect it has something to do with the week of the month...enough said. I didn't do bad on Super Bowl Sunday, so I think this week will be much better.
Workouts during the week weren't too bad, although I didn't feel well on Thursday when I had to do my first 4 mile run (ever, I'm pretty sure). The "pace" run this week sucked too - it was the same as last week, but just really showed me that how I feel during the day impacts how crappy my runs will be.
Enough of the week, the big story this week is...we had to run UP the really really crappy hill. AND NOT ONLY did we have to run UP it, we had to run UP it at the END OF OUR 4 MILE TRAINING RUN. I'm not sure who thought that would be a funny joke for all us on the 3rd week of training, but trust me, it wasn't funny. I found myself doing the running version of crawling up the damned hill saying to myself "don't give up...don't give up... you can do can do it." Not only that, but all the rest of the slow people seemed to have given up or gone to the easier group because I ran by myself for 85% of the run, until I came across a guy who had the flu all week and needed to take a breather in the middle of the run. I guess the only positive is that I didn't stop - not once. No matter how hard that hill was. People noticed that (well the couple that were near me on the hill). I passed someone on the hill, but once we got on flat ground, she smoked me to the ending.
I've decided the best way to describe my hill "technique" - if you want to go that far with it - is to compare the hill cycling styles of Lance Armstrong and Jan Ullrich (doping aside). Lance Armstrong was known for putting his cycle into a high gear and just peddling like hell up the hill, which in my mind converts to small, quick, short steps to go up the hill. This is what the coaches encouraged me to do ("ha," I thought, "I am going to get up this hill and not die, I'm not doing it your way"). At the other end of the spectrum, Jan Ullrich would drop his bike into a ridiculously low gear and essentially muscle himself up the mountain. That was me, I basically crouched and did a series of almost running lunges to get up the hill. I'm sure I looked like an ass - but when your biggest and strongest muscles are in your butt and thighs, that's where I defaulted to to get up the hill. Maybe next time, when I'm not already dead from the 3.75 miles of running by myself I'll take the time to try the "other" method. For now, I'm just glad I'm not dead....and I'm praying that we run up the other hill this week (yeah, never thought I'd say that).

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