Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Update 2/20

So I'm obviously failing at making regular entries lately, guess I'll make a few of these just "updates" as of a certain date.
First - weight was down again this week - 1.6 pounds again! Yippee - that makes almost 5 pounds down from my high after the holidays. It just sucks how much slower it comes off than it goes on.
I don't like liars, and I really don't like when people just call it a "fib". I'm primarily griping about my workout on Saturday. Our schedule called for a 3 mile run - yay, step back week, phew. I should also note that I was sick all week leading up to the run and missed one weekly workout, did get all the rest in. So, there I am on Saturday morning with my over-sized snot rag.....on a side note I think that handkerchiefs are the grossest things ever, and yet there I was with a towel fully intending to blow my nose in it and carry it with me for the three mile run.... It was cold on Saturday and as the group got going, I was at the back by myself again. Although I didn't feel 100%, I actually felt pretty good during the run (if anyone asks I'll deny that I said that for the rest of my life), and even ended up passing a few people on the final hill. So I finished about 3rd from last. Stopped running, looked at my watch: 43:15!!!! On a normal day I do about a 12:00 mile, so 43:15 was completely out of left field. Just when I thought I'd lost my mind and must've crawled half the run, someone tells me that their GPS said the run was actually 3.9 miles. HOLY CRAP - That was 0.9 more than I thought I'd be running. What the hell! Don't fib to me and tell me there was a "short warm up" section built in - 0.9 extra miles is not a short anything!
In retrospect, that means my time for the run was pretty good, but I'm still more fired up about the whole fibbing about actual distance. I'm a beginning runner and I'm just stubborn enough that I'll finish the distance I have to finish, but don't go playing games with me or I'm not going to trust anything going forward.
The rest of this week has us building up to the longest run of the training far...5 miles. Although that's the Saturday run, so I'm sure it'll end up being 5.6 or something.

Stop fibbing, just tell me what I need to accomplish.

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Rachel said...

You're doing awesome, wish I could be there with you!