Monday, February 4, 2008

Weight 2/2 and Group Run 2

I was a bit scared to hit the scale this weekend. It was a good week, but you never know how that'll pan out. Well, it was a nice surprise to be down 1.6 pounds! That takes me back to +22, and back to the weight I was the weekend of Thanksgiving. 2 more pounds and I have lost what I ended up gaining over Christmas. It is just not fair how it comes off soooo much slower than it goes on. UGH.

This weekend's group run was a "short" 3 mile affair. We started off going down a hill, which they promised us we would go up more than we would go down. The sad thing, this wasn't the hill we ran last week that I thought was the worst ever. This one is worse...much worse. So not only did I have to see what kind of "fun" lies ahead, but the last mile of the 3 miles was up that damned other hill again. Seriously! My goal is always to run (i.e. not walk) the entire course and to not be the last person back to the start. I finished the 3 mile course in 38:31 and was ahead of 2 other ladies when I finished. I think I actually beat an older gentleman too, but he turned to walk home just before the end of the course, so I guess it doesn't count. I actually had a running buddy for about .75 of a mile until she stopped to walk part of the course. Otherwise, it was just me again. The most interesting part of the whole weekend was watching the cars on the road avoid - or not avoid - the black ice that was out that morning. There was one full sized van that I think did a 360 after hitting it. What I don't get is how people didn't get that there was something in the road - there was a Sheriff's car sitting in the road and he had lit flares all around the black ice. There should be an auto revocation of licenses for people that are that dense.

Only other big news of the weekend was the purchase of a new pair of running shoes. Hopefully they will help with the knee pain I've been having recently. This week has 4 workouts, I think my rest day has to be Tuesday due to the schedule I have this week. Should be interesting - it includes a 4 mile run....


Ashley said...

New running shoes? Cool! What kind did you get? I posted on my blog a while ago about these great Asics that I recently got.

And congratulations with your weight loss.. I am STILL struggling to get back down to my pre-holiday weight!

E said...

I got a Nike pair, series is named for the guy who first developed Nikes (whose name escapes me right now). Went to a store to get them fitted and they gave me a whole size larger than I had before. Has been an interesting transition, but working well.