Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Workout 1/20 & Weight 1/19

I'm a little behind on I'm cramming it two into one. After not weighing in last week because of being out of town for a wedding, I was a bit apprehensive on Saturday. Thankfully, it was good news - down 2.0 pounds! That brings me back down to +23.4 and at least shows that dedication makes progress, even if it's slow.

As for the workout - whew, what a few weeks I've had. It's the new year gear up obviously! Anyway, Mr. E and I went in on Sunday to work out. The place was still pretty full - alright already, some people need to break those resolutions!!! We managed to get treadmills, but on opposite sides of the gym. I think I like that better. I know he's working, but I don't have to watch him as he smokes me! I was forced to watch some bizzare lifetime movie called "i accuse" about a small town where a woman accuses the beloved town doctor of rape. Seriously, not a good movie, at least without the sound. Did get me through my workout though. Upped the time this week to 28 minutes of running.

5 min warm at 4.0
28 minute run at 5.1 down to 5.0 for the last approx. 1/3
7 minute cool (even 40 minutes total)
Distance 2.90 (or something close to it, I think....)

This weekend is the first run of a new training program for a 10K this spring. Although I haven't finished "couch to 5K", I feel accomplished because I've gone running at least 1 time a week since we began, with most weeks going 3 times. It's a step in the right direction, but I know there is a looooooooooonnnnnngggggg way to go before I'm even close to being ready for a marathon. One step at a time right....

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Ashley said...

Down 2lb.s?! That's awesome. I have one more pound to go before reaching my starting weight... then I'll be tacking the "real" final ten pounds!

Good luck!