Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Workout 1/8

So the week of New Years kinda became a lost week with travelling and stuff. I did however run from the beach to the sandbar and back to the beach (ok, so maybe 100 feet) in the Gulf of Mexico on New Years Day with about 500 of my closest friends at Flor-abama. If you've never done a Polar Bear plunge, trust me, it gets the heart pumping!

As for workouts, went on 1/5 to run on the treadmill. Not very successful. 'Nough said. But, back to work and back to working out this week. I decided since I did all the 25 minute runs outside and because of the week off, I would repeat the 25 minute run week on the treadmill. UGH. It really showed me how fast you can lose your stamina and training. Only a week away and I was hurting. I think the fact that the gym was about 80 degrees did nothing to help the situation either. I'm really glad I started this process right before and during holiday season, let me get through the first few weeks with the gyms fairly empty because everybody was going to start "after New Year's". Well, unfortunately, it's now "after New Year's" and there's about 3 times the people at the gym. Now getting a treadmill becomes an exercise in human observation and strategy. I mean there's a sign up sheet, but you really have to pick carefully to get the next available machine. As I walked in last night I heard an older gentleman who's a regular (even in the off season) saying, "It's PACKED in here" to which the other older gentleman (also a regular) replied "Oh well, just wait 3 weeks." It got me thinking how quickly that old "I'm going to workout and lose weight" resolution just goes away. It'll be interesting to see how the crowds thin out over the next few weeks. I'm going to pay specific attention just to see what the result is.

Oh, and weight posts. I have to admit, I suffered from the "holiday glut". I didn't eat a ton of cookies or pies or anything, but we traveled to the south where apparently they haven't really learned that there are ways to cook things that doesn't involve tossing them into a vat of boiling oil. Many, many fried meals and very very few vegetables does not a successful weightloss journey make. I came back at my highest weight in almost 3 years. SIGH. But, I am back on track this week and hope to make good progress before my next official weigh in. So, as of Saturday I was +25.8.

Workout stats:
5 min warm (4.0 MPH/2.0 incl)
25 min run (started 5.4 MPH for first 10 minutes at 2.0 incline, reduced to 5.1 MPH and 1.5 incline after that)
5 min cool down
Total distance 2.7 miles

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