Thursday, January 3, 2008

Workouts 12/26-12/31

I've fallen a little behind in blogging because I've been on vacation for the holidays. Regardless we did get 3 more runs in over the holidays, all at 25 minutes. I have no idea how far we went 'cause we were running outside in gloriously warm Alabama. 2 were around the neighborhood again and one was along a really nice nature trail. Anyway, back to civilization (also known as work), and the more normal schedule of Virginia. Runs will be inside again (too darned cold here!), but should blog on a more regular basis. The run on the nature trail was nice, hard 'cause of some hills, but it was nice to see how fast (relatively) the time went with the different scenery.

3 runs, 5 min warm and 25 minute run, varying cool down


Ashley said...

Hi Elizabeth! Remember me? You let me interview you for an assignment. Well, I got an A on the assignment and in the class.
But you in part inspired me to make my own blog to document my journey.
Thanks so much for the help! I'm glad you're still running hard.

E said...

Ashley that's great! Post your URL, I'd love to check it out!

Ashley said...