Friday, November 30, 2007

Workout - 11/29

I originally thought I'd get this workout in on 11/28, but work had other plans for me. After leaving at midnight on 11/28, it was wonderful getting out in time on 11/29 to hit the gym and have some time to relax at home. Mr. E had worked out as scheduled on 11/28, so I was flying solo. The gym instituted a new sign-in procedure for treadmills - not brain science, but there were some people who just didn't get it. After a few minutes of waiting and watching (also known as poatching), I got a treadmill. I think one of the greatest parts about an iPod is that there is the "suffle songs" option. Essentially is a built in auto suffle of any and all music you have without having to own a 100 CD changer or something (never mind faster!). After struggling on Monday, I was hesitant about this workout...especially since Mr. E wasn't there to keep me motivated. It actually ended up being easier that Monday, and maybe than I thought. Fluke? Maybe, but I'm hoping that it's more that the consistent workouts are starting to make a small, but noticable difference.

Stats: (all at 2 incline except part of cool)
5 min warm at 4.0 MPH
Run at 6.0 MPH
Walk at 3.5 MPH
7 min cool
Total distance: 2.09 miles

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