Thursday, November 15, 2007

Workout 2 - 11/14

The workout is the same all week, but this is the first time I worked out with Mr. E. As usual, he kicked my ass. We are not on the same page as to how we're going to run these events. I think, "Mr. E is going to be slowed down by me, he should just run and meet me at the finish." He thinks, "We are doing this together, we should run the whole thing together." I try to explain to him that when he "trods" along with me (at my slow ass pace), I feel terrible. Never mind I hate running, but now I feel like shit as he slows down to hang out with me. Tonight was another of those situations. I'm HUFFING and PUFFING through the final run and I look over, Mr. E may have broken a sweat...maybe. Then when we get back to a walk pace (and I start to breathe again...yay oxygen), he looks at me and says "I did the last one 1/2 a MPH faster just to see how it was." Of course, I'm sweaty and pink as a strawberry and I'm thinking - well then just do it at your speed the whole time, why bother with slow, fat me. UGH. After I got control of my lungs again, I explained to him how it made me feel and he apologized. I fear it's going to be that way the whole time. I'm basically killing myself for something that is his medium-minimum effort. Oh, and my mini-imaginary Jilian was back again...

5 min warmup 4.0 MPH
Run at 6.0 MPH, 2 incline

Walk at 3.5 MPH, 2 incline
Cool for 5 minutes
Total distance 2.04 miles


Ashley said...

Hi "non-runner". I have been reading your blog-- not only is it interesting, but it is something I can relate to. I have been working out for a few years, although I have never been able to run. Just recently I got this itch to run-- as if I am facing life with power in each step to the ground,each mile run. So I started conditioning myself. I have completed to 5K's and have my heart set on a 15K next.
Anyway, I am a college student at the University of South Florida. For a PR class, we have to have some sort of dialogue with a blogger. Since yours is so interesting and close o my experiences, I was hoping you'd be willing to talk with me. The email is Thanks!


Douglas said...

You can totally do this, I know you have it in you, and even if Mr "E" can go faster for less effort, you will still feel the major acheivment after you'd completed this and then you'll be on to the next thing! You can, you can, you can, and I wish I was there so we could kick our asses back into shape together!!!RP