Friday, November 16, 2007

Workout 3 - 11/16

Workouts on Friday should really be outlawed in some way. So should the remix my gym was playing the last couple of days. For some reason they've tuned the overhead radio into some sort of very odd techno mix of horrible songs. For example - Wednesday it was ex-American Idol Kimberly Locke's "Eighth World Wonder" and today it was Natasha Bettingfield's "Unwritten" at about 100 times normal speed. As if working out isn't already miserable enough, they have to play music that wasn't great to begin with and then mix them and put them to dance music. As for the actual workout, it was easier today then the first time. Of course, that's just in time for a new workout next week.

The other realization I had this week. There is a significant downside to running on a treadmill inside. A few years ago, Mr. E and I attempted to have a running regimen - and we did it outside. With allergies, cold weather, and numerous colds, there was always somewhere to dispense of snot along the side of the trail. Somehow I'm pretty sure spitting and blowing snot rockets are frowned upon by the Y. So, I must make a confession - tonight, I wiped my nose on the complimentary towel and I'm not sorry about it.

5 min warm up at 4 MPH
Run at 6 MPH
Walk at 3.6 MPH (faster!)
cool for 5 min
total 2.08 miles

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