Friday, November 23, 2007

Workout 6 - 11/23

Thanksgiving = 4 day weekend right? I spent all day in the office, so just what I wanted to do was go workout when I got home...Not. Went anyway. It's amazing the lack of a crowd at the gym the day after Thanksgiving. You'd think there'd be a ton of people feeling guilty and trying to work off all the calories they ate the day before (I heard somewhere that the AVERAGE Thanksgiving dinner is over 5000(!) calories), but the reality is more people either (i) count their 6 am shopping trip as their workout or (ii) just ate so much they decide to give up until after the holidays. Regardless, very easy to find a treadmill.

Today's workout was the hardest of the bunch this week - probably a combination of exhausted from the week and the fact that I worked a full day on what is one of my 7 official days off during the year. Made myself do at least what I did on Wednesday though and really saw that my body will respond when I want to push myself. Instead of doing what I think I can do, I really have to believe that I can do at least what I did before, if not more. That's always been hard for me, to push to my actual ability instead of my perceived ability. I think that is really going to be a challenge for me throughout this process, to do what I actually can do, not what I think I can only do.

Tomorrow is a weigh in...ick.

5 min warm at 2 incline
Run at 6.0 at 2 incline
Walk at 3.6 at 2 incline
Cool down (at a bit of a fast pace)
Total distance 2.13 (mostly due to cool down)

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