Sunday, December 2, 2007

5K - 12/2

Ok, so signing up for a 5K didn't sound like a bad idea 2 months ago. My company sponsored the event, so it was a good thing to show up and have people there to support it. Due to reasons drastically beyond my control, we got there 2.5 hours before the race actually started to get our pictures taken. Then stood around for what felt like forever. I don't like the cold...actually, I REALLY don't like the cold, but there we were standing around in 50 degree weather for 2.5 hours. The essential goal was to go from start to finish without walking. Mr. E ran with me and we actually jogged the whole thing, finishing in about 36:30. Not a bad pace for only really starting to train at running 3 weeks ago. But, OH MY GOD, I am so sore tonight. I am totally paying for that. So sore and to bed. I'm not looking forward to how I'm going to feel in the morning.

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